Robots that live up to their name.
Equipped with two precision arms and custom AI brains, Dextrous robots are just that. They can quickly move objects of assorted shapes and sizes — even heavy ones. Our bots will handle parcels up to 88 pounds at three Gs (picture a kid in a roller coaster loop and you’ll get the idea).
Why our arms outperform suction:

• Won’t tear heavy or unbalanced boxes
• Can move a wider array of sizes and shapes
• Faster speeds with more precision
• Works in all temperatures
• Can handle porous materials, like cloth
Dextrous robots can load and unload pallets, trucks, and containers at least 4X faster than humans.
Running proprietary software, our robots can identify if something is out of place and deftly nudge it so it can be picked up.
Toppling boxes and shifting loads are no match for Dextrous bots. They can analyze, adjust, and continue their task without intervention.
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